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Oral arguments cancelled in Madison lawyer’s challenge of year-long license suspension (UPDATE)

After cancelling oral arguments in a disciplinary case involving an eminent-domain lawyer out of Madison, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is now scheduled to hear arguments in only two cases on Wednesday.

The justices had been scheduled to hear oral arguments in a third case, OLR v. Bauer, but it was removed from the schedule on Tuesday.  The case involves a eminent-domain lawyer who is challenging a referee’s recommendation that his law license be suspended for  year for violating attorney-ethics rules 22 times. A notice of voluntary dismissal was filed Monday, according to court records. However, the high court will still hand down a final decision in the case.

State v. Kerr, the first case the court is now scheduled to hear Wednesday, involves a dispute out of Bayfield County stemming from an arrest and drug-possession charges. Among the issues the court is expected to weigh in on is whether a failure to pay a city ordinance fine voids a commitment order.

The second case, State v. Mitchell, comes from Sheboygan County and was sent to the high court by the District 2 Court of Appeals. The justices have been asked to weigh in on whether a warrantless blood draw of a driver, under the state’s implied-consent law, violates the Fourth Amendment if there were no circumstances requiring immediate action or if such circumstances were not argued.

The justices will hear oral arguments in the Supreme Court Hearing Room in the State Capitol.

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