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Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates sparring over recusal

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court are sparring over when to step aside in cases involving financial supporters.

Michael Screnock’s campaign on Friday asked on social media whether challenger Rebecca Dallet would denounce $140,000 in new spending on digital ads from the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. That group was created by former Attorney General Eric Holder to advocate for redistricting reform.

Dallet campaign manager Jessica Lovejoy says Dallet believes “if an organization is spending hundreds of thousands to elect a supreme court justice, the justice should recuse themselves when that organization is party in a case.”

Dallet has been critical of Screnock for refusing to say he would recuse himself from cases brought by the state chamber of commerce, which has spent at least $313,000 so far to help his campaign.

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