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Willette knows how to ‘get it done’

Nicole Willette - Franklin Energy Services (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Nicole Willette –
Franklin Energy Services (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

No task is too big for Nicole Willette. Then again, no task is ever too small.

The one-person corporate counsel team at Franklin Energy also devotes her energies to the Wisconsin chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel, leading a 14-person board and helping with educational, pro bono and advocacy work for in-house counsel throughout the state. Willette has worked hard to expand the ACC’s pro bono work.

“She’s done a great job tapping into her network for board recruitment and membership recruitment and done a great job of getting a diverse group of board members,” said Amy Westrup, executive director of ACC-WI. “She has this willingness to put herself out there.”

“I like to participate so much and involve others and do some of the behind-the-scenes work too,” Willette said.

So when the chapter expanded its member and sponsor event, Thank You Fest, Willette made sure everyone in her ACC and sponsor network attended. But, Westrup said, she’s also there to offer help wherever it’s needed.

“What I really appreciate is with all of her business she has offered on more than one occasion to write nametags,” Westrup said. “She’s a boots-on-the-ground, roll up her sleeves, let’s get it done kind of person.”

Westrup said she’s also a calm and reassuring presence.

“She just kind of sees the whole picture,” Westrup said. “When I talk to her I think she has a very good sense of the aerial view of a situation and sees the parts that need to fall into place.”

Willette earned her degree from Marquette University Law School, cum laude, in 2011. Becoming an in-house counsel right after school, she quickly found herself in top leadership positions in various organizations and committees. Willette is now often seen as an example and a liaison for young aspiring attorneys.

“I like showing up and sharing my story,” she said.

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