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Glynn committed to helping clients succeed

Charles Glynn - Assistant State Public Defender (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Charles Glynn –
Assistant State Public Defender (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

In his work for the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office, Charles Glynn imagines himself in his clients’ shoes as he plans the best defense he can muster in court.

“I enjoy getting to know who people are in real life and not just what is in the court documents,” said Glynn, who works in the public defender’s Madison office. “I view it as a privilege that I get to go in court and make sure my clients are treated just the same as everyone else.”

Glynn admitted his cases can be “extremely challenging,” especially when clients are accused of homicide or are involved Section 580 cases.

“The stakes are high for my clients, which makes everything I do even more important,” he said.

Before joining the SPD, Glynn was in private practice and also was a program manager at St. Charles Youth and Family Services, where he worked with judges, lawyers, law enforcement officials and others to establish programs to help young people in Madison and Milwaukee break out of the cycle of juvenile delinquency.

“We met kids where they were and created individual programs for each family,” he said. “We created an environment where kids and families could come together and work on what they needed to.”

Glynn continues to help juveniles and their families by volunteering at drug court and spending time as a literacy tutor.

“I really enjoy being able to make a difference in other people’s lives,” he said.

Marshall Reeves, an information-systems comprehensive services specialist at the SPD, said Glynn is committed to showing children and teens the many routes they can take in their lives if they avoid drugs or gangs.

“Charlie has a real passion fighting for justice and gives all of his soul and all of his time to helping troubled youths that others have given up on, especially minorities from the inner city,” he said.

Through his work at St. Charles Youth and Family Services, Glynn has learned what a difference it can make when children and teens learn to read.

“That’s why I am involved in literacy programs,” Glynn said. “If we can get people to read better, they can do better in school, get a better start on life and stay away from drugs and gangs.”

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