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Staff, lawyers from two firms join von Briesen & Roper

Former employees of Peterson, Johnson & Murray and Levine & Bazelon have moved over to von Briesen & Roper.

The entire staff of Peterson, Johnson & Murray, as well as 22 lawyers from that firm, have joined von Briesen, as have the entire staff and three lawyers at Levine & Bazelon, according to a von Briesen news release.

For 35 years, Peterson, Johnson & Murray specialized in representing businesses, corporations and industries in litigation and dispute resolution.

Levin & Bazelon, which was founded 35 years ago, specialized in real estate law, particularly condominium and community-association law.

Both firms shut down on Dec. 31. These lawyers joined von Briesen:

  • Adam Bazelon
  • Lyndsey Bley
  • Janet Cain
  • Michael Crooks
  • Joshua Czuta
  • Kevin Fetherston
  • Ryan Fetherston
  • Charles Fiergola
  • James Goonan
  • Nathan Johnson
  • Terry Johnson
  • Grace Kulkoski
  • J. Ryan Maloney
  • James Murray, Jr.
  • Judy O’Connell
  • Randy Parlee
  • Timothy Pike
  • John Pinzl
  • Andrew Quartaro
  • Clayton Riddle
  • Maria Sanders
  • Quentin Shafer
  • William Sulton
  • Scott Wade
  • Maureen Willkom

The addition of staff workers and lawyers is just the latest step in von Briesen’s ongoing expansion. In the past two years, the firm has opened offices in Waukesha County and the Fox Valley-Green Bay area and expanded its Milwaukee and Madison offices. The firm has 192 attorneys in 11 offices in three states.

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