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Former Stafford Rosenbaum partner admits to misconduct charges

A Madison lawyer facing allegations of converting money belonging to her former employer is admitting to those allegations.

The Office of Lawyer Regulation filed a complaint in June charging Amie Trupke with breaking two rules of attorney conduct while she was a partner at Madison-based Stafford Rosenbaum. According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked for the firm from June 2002 to May 2016.

The OLR alleges that Trupke had not told her partners or her firm that she had earned more than $70,000 over about three years by working as an independent reviewer for a service offered by the American Arbitration Association.

Money that Trupke earned from practicing law should have gone to her firm, but she had the firm’s accounting department write off work she did in a matter from 2013 and later sent an invoice to the AAA that directed payments to her home address, according to the OLR,

The OLR also alleges that Trupke misled the firm’s managing partner in March 2016 about her work for the AAA.

The OLR is seeking a year-long suspension of Trupke’s license.

Trupke filed an answer on Oct. 26 admitting to the OLR’s allegations, noting that while she admitted to the OLR’s allegations about the matter from 2013, she made no report because she thought the work would cost less than $10 an hour.

James Bartzen of Madison-based Boardman & Clark is representing Trupke in the disciplinary proceeding.

Next, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will appoint a referee, who will hold an evidentiary hearing and afterward decide whether the OLR has proved the alleged misconduct and then make recommendations concerning what disciplinary actions, if any,  the court should impose. Trupke will have an opportunity to appeal those recommendations.

The high court will then review those recommendations and issue a final decision in the matter.

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