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Sayers leads firm’s rebranding campaign

Nick Sayers - Boardman & Clark (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Nick Sayers – Boardman & Clark (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

It’s one thing to take on a rebranding project for a law firm of more than 120 staff and attorneys.

It’s another to actually complete the project, especially when the work entails making a video, organizing a staff-wide photo shoot, holding a launch party and developing an entirely new website in the span of roughly five months. And all that is not to mention your daily responsibilities.

Despite the difficulty involved, that’s exactly what Nick Sayers has done as communications director for Madison-based Boardman & Clark.

“Rugs to pens to mugs to signs, everything had to be changed,” said Sayers, who worked essentially around the clock to get the job done on time.

The 36-year-old started in Boardman & Clark’s accounting department in 2006, just six years before the firm underwent a merger.

“When we merged in 2012 we did a branding exercise, but we weren’t sure at that point who we were. After about five years we decided … to go back to the drawing board,” said Lisa Statz, office manager at Boardman & Clark. “Nick was such a huge player in that and knowing the direction he felt it should be taken.”

Sayers’ job has him taking part in everything from planning, budgeting, graphic and digital design to marketing, web development and advertising. He also deals with external and internal communications.

Statz said Sayers is a well-rounded, dedicated employee who knows what needs to get done and what is expected of him.

“He’s in charge of everything, he’s a one-man show. He gets it all done and does it well … and he never complains,” she said.

“Nobody needed to tell me the branding needed to get done or needed to be good. I wanted to do a good job,” Sayers said. “I think that’s really when you do the best work, is when you care.”

During Boardman & Clark’s most recent rebranding initiative, Sayers not only worked with the firm’s five-member executive committee but also drove the conversation for its marketing committee. Working with a consultant, he provided in-house graphic design and brand language and developed a website to exhibit the services the firm offers.

“Everybody’s just been so appreciative of his efforts, his time and the great job he did,” Statz said. “We’ve gotten many compliments on our new website.”

Sayers’ best attributes include his dedication, knowledge of both legal and marketing work and his ability to wear many hats. It’s also his attention to detail and his insistence on perfection or something close to it.

“He has a total commitment to our firm and this project,” Statz said.

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