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Hudson shines helping staff make use of latest technology

Hudson shines helping staff make use of latest technology

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Alexus Hudson - Quarles & Brady (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)
Alexus Hudson – Quarles & Brady (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Since she was a child, Alexus Hudson has enjoyed trying out the latest electronic devices and learning about new technology. With her family’s encouragement, she has successfully turned her interest into a career teaching others how to use new electronic devices, software and more.

“I have always clicked with technology,” said Hudson, the technical-learning coach at Quarles & Brady in Milwaukee. “It’s my job to not only make sure employees understand the technology they are using, but that they are comfortable with it, too.”

Hudson realizes not everyone enjoys working with technology as much as she does. In fact, some fear it.

“When I have someone who is afraid about learning how to use a new piece of equipment or software, I try to use humor to defuse the situation. I am also very patient,” said Hudson, who worked as a trainer for a health insurer before joining Quarles & Brady in 2008. “I try to show people the upside of what they are learning.”

At Quarles & Brady, Hudson has taught countless employees not only how to use new devices but also software. Hudson is responsible for understanding and being able to teach other employees the more than 450 applications in use at the firm.

Larry Dreifke, the firm’s manager of user experience and support, said Hudson has risen to the challenge with ease.

“Alexus is stellar at keeping learners moving through the curriculum with a bright personality and lively discussions,” he said. “She has a way of helping people without making them feel inadequate or as if they’ve done something wrong.”

For her job, Hudson must not only learn how an application works and how it will be used but also outline a plan on how to teach it. She sometimes teachesa group while at other times provides one-on-one learning opportunities.

“I love being able to interact with the employees and show them the different technologies they can use to make their job a little easier,” said Hudson, who encounters a variety of students in her work, from older lawyers who show little interest in technology to eager new hires.

Hudson is also involved in the rollout of new hardware, whether that be through providing training on how to use laptops or showing technicians how they can use devices offering an array of functions.

“The firm is very forward in utilizing the latest technology and I have been given a wonderful opportunity to learn new technology as it comes out,” Hudson said.


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