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Irvine sets himself apart with humility, attention to detail

By: Alex Zank//September 19, 2017//

Irvine sets himself apart with humility, attention to detail

By: Alex Zank//September 19, 2017//

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James Irvine - Halloin & Murdock
James Irvine – Halloin & Murdock

Scott Halloin, without hesitation, said that of the roughly 40 people he’s trained or mentored, James Irvine is “the best.”

And that’s saying something, coming from a shareholder and one of the founding attorneys of Halloin & Murdock.

Before becoming an associate with Halloin & Murdock, Irvine began his legal career as a law clerk for a national nonprofit organization based in Omaha, Neb. He arrived in Milwaukee in 2011 to assist the firm during a large case.

Halloin said that, at the time, his firm was hired by a large Icelandic bank to deal with disposition of its assets during the then-ongoing global recession.

“So, we were just absorbed with a lot of work,” said Halloin.

It didn’t take long for the firm to see Irvine’s good qualities. So they ended up bringing him on full-time, where he focuses on construction litigation, insurance claims and recovery, business litigation and real-estate litigation.

Irvine said he was initially attracted to the legal profession because it would put him in a position where he would always be exposed to new things.

“I think I realized I wanted to be a lawyer when I was an undergrad,” he said. “I wanted to undertake a profession where I would constantly be learning and getting to know new people.”

Halloin said what makes Irvine a good lawyer also happens to be what sets him apart from many others in the field.

“First of all, he’s humble, which is not a trait of many lawyers,” Halloin said. “Second, he is really detail-oriented, just to an extreme.”

The joke around the office, in fact, is that Irvine pays such attention to details and all sides of an argument that he could probably win either side of a case.

Being detailed is important in Irvine’s line of work because, unlike things such as personal-injury cases, financing and construction disputes have a variety of potential outcomes, said Halloin.

Irvine is a member of a number of industry groups, including the Metropolitan Builders Association of Greater Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders.


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