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Bar fills spots on committees, makes appointments

The State Bar of Wisconsin’s Board of Governors has voted to fill various positions and committee spots for the coming year.

Meeting Wednesday afternoon at Glacier Canyon Lodge just a day before the start of its Annual Meeting and Conference, the board approved the appointment of Jeff Goldman of DeWitt Ross & Stevens to fill the District 9 governor seat once held by Chris Rogers of Habush Habush & Rottier.

Rogers was recently chosen to be president-elect; Goldman will now serve out the rest of Rogers’ term.

At the same meeting, the governors approved appointments to its audit committee for David Gorwitz of Madison-based Neider & Boucher and Robert Zellers, treasurer of the Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation.

The board approved the nomination of Governor Deanne Koll of Menomonie-based Bakke Norman to be chairperson of the board for the coming year. Koll represents the board’s District 8. She will take the place of Governor Amy Wochos. Governor James Wenzel, a non-lawyer member, had also put in for the position.

Also on Wednesday, the board approved a public-policy position supporting the establishment of an independent board of prosecutors. The creation of the board itself was recently approved by the Joint Finance Committee, a powerful budget-writing panel composed of lawmakers.

Governor Bob Barrington, managing attorney for the Dodge County District Attorney’s Office, fielded questions about the board. He noted that the board would not only lobby the legislature on behalf of state prosecutors but also provide fiscal estimates and recommendations to prosecutors’ offices around the state.

The board also elected Jim Casey of American University in Washington, D.C., and the Milwaukee attorney Elise Libbey of the Eastern District of Wisconsin to represent the State Bar in the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates. Libbey will also be representing young lawyers.

These people were elected to serve on the board’s executive committee next year:

  • Kathryn Bullon, incoming president-elect of the Nonresident Lawyers Division
  • Milwaukee attorney and Governor Andrew Chevrez
  • Madison attorney and Governor Kathy Chung
  • Treasurer John Danner of Minocqua-based Harrold, Scrobell & Danner
  • Governor Jill Kastner of Legal Action of Wisconsin
  • Governor Chuck Stertz of the Outagamie County District Attorney’s Office

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Erika Strebel is the law beat reporter for the Wisconsin Law Journal and a law school student at UW-Madison. She can be reached at 414-225-1825.

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