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Divorce lawyer for suspect’s wife among 4 shot in Wisconsin

Sara Quirt Sann, a lawyer at a firm near Wausau, was among the victims of Wednesday’s shooting rampage.

Sara Quirt Sann, a lawyer at a firm near Wausau, was among the victims of Wednesday’s shooting rampage.

Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A northern Wisconsin man struggling with debt allegedly killed his wife’s divorce lawyer during a shooting spree that left three other people dead, including a police detective.

Court records show 45-year-old Nengmy Vang initiated divorce proceedings in 2015 against his wife, Naly Vang. The couple was scheduled for a final pre-trail conference next month.

Naly Vang wasn’t hurt in the shootings and it’s unclear whether the two even encountered each other during the rampage. The records show she lives at the family’s home in Weston while Vang resides in the apartment where police eventually captured him. The Wausau Daily Herald reported Nengmy Vang was allowed to take four guns with him when he moved out of the family residence.

The records also show Nengmy has a long history of financial problems. He’s been sued five times since 2009 by various lenders seeking thousands of dollars and had his wages garnished three times while he worked at Foot Locker; Coby Dogs, a Medford restaurant; the Marathon Cheese Corp. in Marathon City; and the Kolbe Millwork Co. in Wausau. The couple was issued a garnishment notice to repay $9,370 to a credit union on Tuesday, a day before the shootings.

Investigators have said the shootings followed a domestic dispute between the couple but they’ve released no details about what may have happened between them. Nengmy Vang went to a Rothschild bank around midday on Wednesday, where he allegedly shot and killed workers Dianne Look and Karen Barclay.

He then traveled to nearby Schofield and killed 43-year-old attorney Sarah Quirt Sann at her office. Sann represented Naly Vang in the divorce case. He then fled to his apartment in Weston and barricaded himself inside. As police were setting up a perimeter around the apartment shot and killed Jason Weiland, a 40-year-old Everest Metro Police Department detective, according to authorities. Police eventually shot and wounded Vang and took him into custody. His condition is unknown.

Investigators have not said why he opened fire at the bank. They have not publicly identified Nengmy Vang as the suspect. A source close to the investigation gave his name to The Associated Press on Friday on condition of anonymity because the person wasn’t authorized to speak. His divorce attorney, David Gardner Casey, didn’t return messages Friday.

The state Justice Department is leading the investigation. Department spokesman Johnny Koremenos said in an email that the agency may release a short update later Friday afternoon but more detailed information likely won’t come until next week.

“There are still some parts of the investigation that need to be completed before we can confirm identity and discuss other details about him,” Koremenos said.

Sann’s husband, Scott Sann, posted comments on Facebook saying she fought for people who needed representation and often felt unappreciated.

“She wore her armor and fought hard many days thanklessly,” he wrote. “Sara and I did a lot of fun things together. We lived life fully. We could’ve lived more. I am thankful for the time I had. Continue to keep us in your prayers.”

A Foot Locker spokesman said there was no record Nengmy Vang ever worked for the company. The other employers listed in court records didn’t immediately return messages.

Associated Press writers Cara Lombardo and Gretchen Ehlke in Milwaukee also contributed to this report.


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