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Cannabis oil bill heads to full Assembly

A panel of state Assembly lawmakers gave its stamp of approval Wednesday to bills that would legalize the possession of cannabis oil, a derivative of marijuana used to treat children who suffer from seizures.

The bills, the Senate Bill 10 and Assembly Bill 49, are identical. They would change state law to let people possess cannabis oil as long as they have a certification showing the substance is being used to treat a medical condition. The certification must also be current and have been issued in the previous year.

However, federal law prohibits the possession of marijuana for any reason.

The panel voted 12–0 to approve the bills Wednesday. The next step is for the full Assembly to vote on them.

The Senate had already voted 31-1 on Feb. 8 in favor of SB 10. State Sen Duey Stroebel, R-Saukville, was the only one who voted in opposition of the bill.

As a result of Wednesday’s vote, SB 10 would become law once the full Assembly votes to approve it and Gov. Scott Walker signs it.

Democrats have attempted to amend SB 10 to allow the substance to be produced in Wisconsin. Thus far, however, their attempts have failed.

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