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Wellskopf shines at putting spotlight on others

Wellskopf shines at putting spotlight on others

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Jill Wellskopf - Director of Marketing - Hupy and Abraham
Jill Wellskopf
– Director of Marketing –
Hupy and Abraham

Jill Wellskopf is used to helping others take center stage.

The director of marketing at Hupy and Abraham, Wellskopf not only manages the development and execution of the Milwaukee law firm’s marketing endeavors, she also organizes its large community-outreach initiative.

“We work with hundreds of organizations on philanthropic efforts, giving a half-million dollars in donations during the past few years,” she said. “We also have educational programs like the orange bumper stickers that urge drivers to ‘Watch for Motorcycles’ and our ‘Don’t text and drive’ pledge. Mr. Hupy and Mr. Abraham really believe it is important to give back and have made a commitment to do so.”

Wellskopf began her marketing career in the staffing and recruiting industry before meeting Michael Hupy and joining the firm.

“They wanted to develop a robust marketing plan and it was during the recession and the hiring industry was not doing well and I saw it as an opportunity I couldn’t pass up,” she said. “When you market a law firm, it’s a different end product vs. staffing, but it is all of the same marketing strategies.”

Hupy said the firm’s marketing department was non-existent when Wellskopf joined in 2011. She has since helped make the company more visible, turning it into a leading authority on personal-injury law, especially online. Hupy said that when he brought Wellskopf on board, he was drawn to her “magnetic pragmatism, optimism and professional friendliness.”

Wellskopf guided the team to several marketing awards, including best law website at the Webby Awards and best website reboot at the 2015 Legal Marketing Association Midwest Your Honor Awards.

Irene Sarumi, communications specialist at Hupy and Abraham, said Wellskof is the behind-the-scenes organizer of many of the law firm’s undertakings.

“Her strong leadership and constant availability not only encourage autonomous work, but also generates the motivation and genuine desire to strive for excellence on behalf of the company,” she said. “Jill’s incredible work ethic is only a fraction what makes her so inspirational.”

Wellskopf admitted to having a lot on her plate and said she would have a hard time handling it all were it not for her own organizational abilities and the energy constantly shown by her colleagues.

“We’re all excited about trying new things and that’s a great motivator,” she said. “As things come up on my to-do list, I just tackle them.”


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