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Selfie ballot photos on social media — that’s illegal

The culmination of a tense political season ends Tuesday at the ballot box. So, it might be tempting to snap a selfie photo with your ballot after you’re done voting.

In Wisconsin, that would be problematic. Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesman Reid Magney says the concern isn’t so much with the photo itself, but in sharing that photo. Posting it on social media equates to showing your ballot to someone else — and that’s against the law.

Magney tells WUWM-FM the intent of the law is to prevent people from selling their votes.

A review by The Associated Press shows there are laws against voters sharing any photo of their ballot in 18 states, while six others bar photography in polling places but allow photos of mail-in ballots.

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  1. That is the most absurb and foolish legislation I have ever heard. This is clearly a violation of the American First Amendment rights. Showing your ballot is your own choice if you wish to share that level of privacy and it does not portray some level of indecent exposure. The legislatures passing this regulation should be de-seated and tried for treason. The next thing you know, we will not have the right to petition any more or the right to bear arms. How far is America willing to continue down this pathway??

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