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Scheuerman finds perfect fit in personal injury law

By: Erika Strebel, [email protected]//June 23, 2016//

Scheuerman finds perfect fit in personal injury law

By: Erika Strebel, [email protected]//June 23, 2016//

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Kristen Scheuerman | Herrling Clark Law Firm
Kristen Scheuerman | Herrling Clark Law Firm

Kristen Scheuerman never sought to specialize in personal injury law.

Yet, when she had the opportunity to do so at Herrling Clark Law Firm in Appleton, she took it — and never looked back.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else,” Scheuerman said. “It’s a good fit with me personally.”

But Scheuerman doesn’t just do what she loves — she excels in it, says John Claypool, a partner at Herrling Clark.

“She’s probably one of the better lawyers I’ve worked with or mentored in terms of having the whole package,” Claypool said. “She’s bright, good with people, clients like her, she’s good with opposing counsel. She’s just all around extremely talented.”

When the firm made Scheuerman a partner in February she became the first female personal injury lawyer to rise to that level at Herrling Clark. And she did it all while juggling the responsibilities that come with being a single mother.

“I am extremely fortunate,” Scheuerman said. “And I don’t know that there have been obstacles because I have a supportive group of partners. There were no roadblocks as long as I worked hard.”

Even people who have worked as opposing parties in her cases sing Scheuerman’s praise. Jana Cartier, casualty claims and litigation director at Integrity Insurance, has worked both alongside Scheuerman and against Scheuerman on cases.

Cartier said she has never met another plaintiff’s attorney who appreciates as much as Scheuerman the benefits of being able to get a case settled quickly.

“Many attorneys are so often against trying to really amicably resolve the claim based on the true value,” Cartier said. “She obviously has her clients’ interests in mind, but she understands that we’re working toward the same common goal.”

Claypool says the six years Scheuerman spent in sales before starting her legal career contributes to her ability to see eye-to-eye with opposing counsel — and basically anyone she encounters.

“She’s the real deal,” he said. “She’s the whole package, and we’re just thrilled to have her on our team.”

Scheuerman says she is mainly motivated by a desire to do her best for others.

“I want to do right by the people who have trusted me — clients, partners — to do the very best job possible and set an example for my daughter and she can hopefully see what the benefits are of working hard and giving back to the community,” Scheuerman said.

And it looks as if she’s on the right track.

Scheuerman often shares her office with her 4-year old daughter, Quinn, who sits at her own desk in the office. Although she may not know what a lawyer does, Quinn has written on surveys at school that her mom works a lot on her computer, makes a lot of phone calls and helps people.

“That last part is the most important part,” Scheuerman said.


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