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Johnson defends decision to block Obama court nominee

PEWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is defending his decision to block President Barack Obama’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, saying doing so protects Second Amendment gun rights.

Johnson talked about the Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland on Wednesday at a forum hosted by WTMJ radio host Charlie Sykes.

Johnson says the Senate is doing its job by not allowing a vote on Garland’s nomination, saying Republicans will “not allow the Supreme Court to flip” from conservative to liberal control.

Johnson says blocking Garland is also a way for him to defend gun rights from being weakened by the Supreme Court.

He says “I can’t think of a fairer, more democratic process” than holding up the nomination until after the election so the next president can name that person.

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  1. I am torn over which is more offensive, his absurd rationalizations for failing to do his job under the Constitution or the fact that he apparently believes that the public is stupid enough to fall for this silliness.

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