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US Supreme Court

Case Name: Gobeille v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co

Case No.: 14-181

Focus: Preemption

ERISA preempts State laws insofar as they relate to employee benefit plans.

“ERISA expressly pre-empts “any and all State laws insofar as they may now or hereafter relate to any employee benefit plan.” 29 U. S. C. §1144(a). As relevant here, the clause pre-empts a state law that has an impermissible “connection with” ERISA plans, i.e., a law that governs, or interferes with the uniformity of, plan administration. Egelhoff v. Egelhoff, 532 U. S. 141, 148.”


Thomas concurring

Ginsburg, Breyer  Dissenting

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