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Karpinski provides well-rounded support

By: Alison Henderson//December 3, 2015//

Karpinski provides well-rounded support

By: Alison Henderson//December 3, 2015//

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Maribeth Karpinski - Linder & Marsack
Maribeth Karpinski –
Lindner & Marsack

Maribeth Karpinski enjoys having variety in the workplace, an affinity that serves her well as she manages 18 attorneys in her position as firm administrator at Lindner & Marsack in Milwaukee.

From preparing budgets, administering payroll and coordinating benefits to looking over vendor contracts and troubleshooting computer troubles, Karpinski handles all the administrative functions the firm needs to survive, According to John Murray, a company shareholder. Murray added that Karpinski gives mundane tasks the same amount of attention she would more difficult and interesting undertakings.

“I get to be involved in all aspects of the firm and I really like that,” Karpinski said.

Karpinski is also a certified public accountant. With an education in accounting and 23 years of experience in various financial positions, she brought an extensive background in financial matters with her to Lindner & Marsack five years ago.

Although she was new to fields such as human resources when she stepped into the administrative role, she was able to rely on her resourceful, inquisitive nature to embrace all sides of her position. If a difficulty arose concerning a 401k, for example, she could call on the knowledge of the investment advisor to find a new solution.

“I really like the ability to solve problems for people and help them be as productive as they can be with their tasks,” she said. “Whether it be the law staff or the support staff, it brings me a lot of satisfaction when I can help them with the nuances that are preventing them from doing what they’re there to do.”

This can include a range of administrative difficulties, such as dealing with computer troubles, investing in new technological solutions to streamline work, or assisting employees with questions about their health-insurance plans.

Karpinski is thankful for the camaraderie of her colleagues.

“On a daily basis I just try to help people be as productive as they can be, so I just feel grateful to be recognized for it,” she said.


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