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Erickson demonstrates dedication in the workplace

By: Alison Henderson//December 3, 2015//

Erickson demonstrates dedication in the workplace

By: Alison Henderson//December 3, 2015//

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Mackenzie Erickson - Hansen Reynolds Dickinson CruegerIn an environment that has a reputation for being chaotic, Mackenzie Erickson not only accepts but also embraces the fast-paced nature of the job.

The 26-year-old is the benefits manager and paralegal at Hansen Reynolds Dickinson Crueger LLC in Milwaukee. At a small firm, the often erratic schedules of the lawyers can add pressure to the job. Erickson, though, enjoys the uncertainty.

“Everyday is a completely different day,” she said. “You never know what you’re going to come into.”

Erickson dedicates her time to helping others, even canceling plans to put in extra time.

“I cannot count the number of times she has dropped everything to assist with a filing or stayed late to ensure that a set of trial exhibits is correctly marked,” said Attorney James Barton. “While Mackenzie’s name will not appear on a brief to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, she is the person double- and triple-checking citations and formatting requirements to ensure that our firm presents to the court the best possible work product.”

Erickson graduated form the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2012 with a degree in human resources and marketing and said she frequently calls on her experience in business administration.

“The thing that helps most is all the Excel background,” she said. “It’s such a simple thing, but all the accounting classes really helped with that.”

Erickson said she truly enjoys working with her peers in what she describes as a fun, caring environment.

“They care about the employees. It’s not hard to go to one of the four owners and just tell them you’re frustrated with something that’s going on,” she said, “they take care of it.”

Although the award came as a shock to Erickson, she welcomes it as a change of pace as the firm continues to grow, switch benefits plans and introduce new staff members to the team.


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