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Chicago attorney faces 3-month suspension

A Chicago attorney is facing a suspension of his Wisconsin law license over misconduct in an Illinois legal-malpractice case.

Charles Boyle, 77, graduated from Loyola University Chicago School of Law in 1966. He was admitted to practice law in Wisconsin in 1985. According to the State Bar and OLR websites, his license is in good standing. However, the Wisconsin Supreme Court publicly reprimanded Boyle in September for practicing while his license was suspended.

According to an Office of Lawyer Regulation complaint filed Oct. 20, the Illinois Supreme Court suspended Boyle’s license to practice law in the state as a result of two counts of misconduct related to a client he represented in a legal malpractice case.

At the time of the misconduct, Boyle was representing a woman in a legal-malpractice case that was field against her original counsel in a personal-injury cases, according to the Illinois decision. He reached $10,000 a settlement with the original counsel.

Boyle took $4,000 in contingency fees and paid $4,000 to the client, who agreed that Boyle would hold $2,000 in his trust account in case a third party had a claim to some of the settlement.

Instead, Boyle used the money for personal expenses, leaving only $50 in the account. The rest of the settlement was disbursed to the client.

The OLR is also alleging Boyle failed to notify the OLR that his Illinois license has been suspended, and is asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to impose reciprocal discipline on Boyle.

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