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Leffler building a legal career

By: Beth Kevit, [email protected]//September 30, 2015//

Leffler building a legal career

By: Beth Kevit, [email protected]//September 30, 2015//

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Matthew Leffler grew up in the family business of real estate and development, but he knew he needed to find his own direction in an industry he loved.

“I like dirt. I like the idea of building things, improving things that I can really see,” he said.

Growing interests in the regulation of water use and in the environmental side of construction steered him toward the law. Now Leffler — a 2013 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School — is an associate at Madison-based Axley Brynelson LLP and specializes in real estate, construction, environmental and general business law.

Leffler said he often finds himself working with clients on their worst days. His main goal is usually to assuage their concerns by showing that he wants to help them achieve the best results possible in whatever task it is they are undertaking.

“There’s a lot of stress, so I like helping people work through problems,” Leffler said.

His colleagues have noted that Leffler often relates to clients by drawing on his experiences from growing up around real estate and development. Those same experiences have helped him foster relationships and gain clients’ trust.

A further asset has been his ability to view any situation from both a legal and business perspective. The driving force behind his proposed resolutions, Leffler said, is the desire to ensure his clients see a good return on their investments.

“I take pride in the fact that I make sure I understand my clients,” he said.

For Leffler, the law’s allure stems in part from the endless opportunities it gives him to develop nuanced solutions, especially when he is able to negotiate with a series of stakeholders.

“There’s always something that needs to be created or resolved,” he said.

Although Leffler forged his own path away from the family business, he said he credits his family—especially his wife—for helping him develop as an attorney.

“You can’t guarantee results, but you can guarantee effort,” he said.


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