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Wisconsin Assembly committee passes fetal tissue ban (UPDATE)

Madison (AP) — A Wisconsin state Assembly committee has passed a Republican-backed bill opposed by the University of Wisconsin that would prohibit research using tissue obtained from aborted fetuses.

Wednesday’s vote makes the bill available for a vote by the full Assembly as soon as later this month. It’s unclear whether the measure has enough support to pass the Senate, where Republican Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has not commented on its chances.

The proposal would make it a felony to sell, donate or experiment on cells, tissues, organs obtained from fetuses that were aborted after Jan. 1.

The bill would allow research to continue on cell lines and tissue obtained before this year.

University researchers continue to oppose the bill saying it will impede their work by cutting off access to new tissue.


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  1. How is this rationally different than any other Anatomical Gift authorized by Wis. Stat. s 157.06 and the important public policy reasons supporting such gifts?

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