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High court denies attorney’s second request for reinstatement

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has denied a former Eau Claire attorney’s petition for reinstatement.

According to Wednesday’s decision, Nancy Schlieve has not shown that she is fit to practice law. The court noted that testimony from an administrator with the Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program, which offers non-legal aid to lawyers on matters such as addiction, retirement and other personal issues, revealed that Schlieve was not reasonably cooperative with the program’s drug monitoring system.

The court also noted that two people testified from the Eau Claire City Attorney’s Office about problems Schlieve had with citations and that Schlieve was difficult to communicate with. For example, an assistant city attorney noted that she would send undated faxes with no return fax or phone number to delay cases.

Schlieve could not be immediately reached Friday.

In 2012, Schlieve petitioned the court for reinstatement. The court indefinitely suspended her law license in 1998 due to her alcoholism, according to documents. Schlieve has spent her time caring for her son and activities that include dog rescue efforts and establishing two start-up businesses.

Schlieve had been licensed to practice law since 1990 and earned her law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School. She last petitioned the court to reinstate her law license in 2006.

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