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Crocker learns secrets of success

By: Corrine Hess//March 18, 2015//

Crocker learns secrets of success

By: Corrine Hess//March 18, 2015//

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Randall Crocker – president and CEO, von Briesen & Roper SC – Legal degree obtained from: Marquette University Law School, 1979

Randy Crocker keeps his secrets to success on two plaques on his desk at von Briesen & Roper SC: the first plaque shows the word “Trust” and the second “Initiate.”

“If a leader can initiate new ideas and instill trust,” he said, “then all the things that slow down advancement and development can be pushed out of the way, and we can have success.”

That approach has worked for Crocker. He has been president and chief executive officer of von Briesen since 2004 and is chairman of the Banking, Bankruptcy, Business Restructuring & Real Estate Practice Group as well as the firm’s Crisis Management Section.

“I’m one of those guys who always wanted to be a lawyer,” Crocker said. “I liked talking at the podium, liked debate, and I was lucky to have found a vocation that suited me.”

Crocker began his career as a trial lawyer. He eventually switched to commercial litigation and bankruptcy court.

At that time, in the early 1980s, bankruptcy laws were changing, so, he said, he had just as much knowledge of the law as the seasoned attorneys.

Crocker’s experience as a bankruptcy attorney came in handy during the recession, when he resolved more than $2 billion of complex credits.

Since taking over as president and CEO of von Briesen 10 years ago, Crocker said, he has grown the firm’s revenue substantially, increased market share and raised the firm’s profile in the community by participating in community events.
Jessica Zeratsky, a shareholder in the Banking, Bankruptcy, Business Restructuring and Real Estate Practice Group, said Crocker’s approach to leading the firm is unique because gives his colleagues the support they need to be productive professionally and personally.

“Randy is invested in the people of von Briesen,” Zeratsky said, “and this investment is unmistakable to those inside and outside of the firm.”

Crocker said he is as passionate about his work now as he was when he was just starting out.

“I think about Winston Churchill — he was 66 when he became prime minister,” Crocker said. “I’m right around the 60 mark and young enough to do a lot of things.

“Any time, day or night, the phone can ring, and you are off on a new adventure you didn’t even know existed. You can really make a difference, and that’s just an exciting and satisfying way to make a living.”


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