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Professional Responsibility

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility

Where attorney Thomas J. McClure committed numerous trust account violations, a five-month suspension is appropriate.

“With respect to the appropriate level of discipline, upon careful review of the matter, we conclude that a five-month suspension is appropriate. As the referee pointed out, Attorney McClure’s law practice now spans more than 34 years and he has no prior disciplinary history. It is also significant to reiterate that no clients or medical providers lost any funds, and that Attorney McClure fully cooperated with the OLR and entered into a stipulation whereby he admitted virtually all the facts alleged in the complaint. We also find it significant that the referee, who was in the best position to judge witness credibility, found Attorney McClure to be genuinely remorseful. In addition, the OLR does not dispute the fact that Attorney McClure was faced with a multitude of personal problems during the time period at issue in this case.

2013AP2140-D OLR v. McClure

Per Curiam.

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