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High court to hold public hearing on review of OLR

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hold a public hearing on a petition for a review of the Office of Lawyer Regulation.

The OLR commissioned a report released in September anticipating the possibility of a review by the Supreme Court.

If the petition for the OLR review is approved, it will not be the first time the OLR has been scrutinized. A report released in February 2012, commissioned by the Board of Administrative Oversight, found a few problems with the OLR and included recommendations to make the disciplinary process more fair and expeditious.

The OLR’s predecessor, the Board of Attorneys Professional Responsibility, was dissolved after a review of the system in 1999.

The justices voted unanimously at Thursday’s open rules conference to hold the public hearing on the proposal in the fall. The petition was brought to the court by Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

Also, the Supreme Court denied two petitions in light of its considering a review of the OLR. One petition was for limiting the number of referees appointed by the Supreme Court to four in order to increase the system’s efficiency; the other petition that the justices denied was one from attorney Christopher Wiesmueller regarding SCR 20:3:4(a), the Supreme Court rule governing fairness to an opposing party or counsel.

In denying both of the petitions, justices said they agreed that they could be brought up in the discussion of the petition for a review of the OLR.

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