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Former officer admits to nearly 60 burglaries in 7 counties

GREEN LAKE, Wis. (AP) — A former police lieutenant has admitted to nearly 60 burglaries in seven Wisconsin counties.

Former Waupun officer Brad Young has entered no contest pleas to crimes committed in Fond du Lac, Dodge, Green Lake, Marquette, Burnett, Waushara and Waupaca counties.

Special prosecutor Kyle Sargent said the state agreed to charge Young with one count of burglary in each county in return for his pleas. District attorneys in all counties have agreed to recommend no more than 10 years in prison.

Young was arrested in 2013 after a multi-county crime spree. That prompted other law enforcement agencies to take another look at unsolved burglaries.

Young told investigators he committed the crimes because of financial troubles, including gambling. Young resigned from the Waupun Police Department after 22 years as an officer.

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  1. This should make him the most honest cop in the state. He admitted a crime something unheard of in decades. Everyone knows like in the Bell execution in Kenosha the four executioners the cops got national awards for exection style murder of MR Bell. They still troll for children never loosing their job. If Wisconsin had just one honorable judge or district attorney these cops and all cops would be held accountable.. Each time they look the other way they obstruct justice and must be removed from the bench for that crime and held accountable. lets punish the honest cop..

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