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Professional Responsibility – Suspension

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility – Suspension

Where attorney David A. Lemanskir received a 60-day suspension in Iowa, reciprocal discipline is appropriate.

“Attorney Lemanski agrees that the facts alleged in the OLR’s complaint and the documents from the Iowa proceeding attached thereto form a basis for the discipline requested. The parties aver that the stipulation did not result from plea bargaining. Attorney Lemanski states that he does not contest the facts and misconduct alleged by the OLR, or the discipline that the OLR director is seeking in this matter. Attorney Lemanski states that he fully understands the misconduct allegations; the ramifications should the court impose the stipulated level of discipline; his right to contest this matter; and his right to consult with counsel. Attorney Lemanski states that his entry into the stipulation is made knowingly and voluntarily, and that it represents his decision not to contest the misconduct alleged in the complaint or the level and type of discipline sought by the OLR’s director.”

2014AP2043 OLR v. Lemanski

Per curiam.

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