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Professional Responsibility – Reinstatement

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility – Reinstatement

Where attorney Jeffrey A. Reitz has fulfilled all the requirements imposed at his suspension, his license is reinstated.

“We conclude that the referee’s findings support a determination that Attorney Reitz has met his burden to establish by clear, satisfactory, and convincing evidence that he has met all of the standards required for reinstatement. The referee found that Attorney Reitz has not practiced law during the period of his suspension; that he has fully complied with the terms of the order of suspension; that he has maintained competence and learning in the law; that his conduct since the suspension has been exemplary and above reproach; and that he has a proper understanding of and attitude towards the standards that are imposed upon members of the bar and will act in conformity with those standards. The referee found that Attorney Reitz can safely be recommended to the legal profession, the courts, and the public as a person fit to be consulted by others and to represent them and otherwise act in matters of trust and confidence and in general to aid in the administration of justice as a member of the bar and as an officer of the courts. The referee also found that Attorney Reitz has fully complied with the requirements as set forth in SCR 22.26.”

2010AP1576-D & 2011AP1764-D OLR v. Reitz

Per curiam.

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