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Professional Responsibility – Revocation

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility – Revocation

Where attorney Ryan D. Lister has a lengthy history of discipline, and committed 34 violations including conversion of client funds, having engaged in an impermissible sexual relationship with a client, refusing to cooperate with the OLR, failing to keep clients reasonably informed, and breaching client confidences, revocation is appropriate discipline.

“Attorney Lister’s significant disciplinary history includes a 60-day suspension in 2010, a five-month suspension in 2007, and a court-ordered public reprimand in 1986. In addition, in 2012 he was the subject of an enforcement proceeding for intentionally failing to pay court-ordered restitution. Moreover, a number of aggravating factors are present. In addition to the significant disciplinary history noted, Attorney Lister’s conduct reflects a dishonest or selfish motive; multiple offenses; intentional violation of the rules; submittal of false information to the OLR; refusal to acknowledge the wrongful nature of his conduct; and vulnerable clients.”

2013AP746-D OLR v. Lister

Per curiam.

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