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BEV BUTULA: Tracking bills through the Legislature is easier than ever

The New Year brings a new legislative session. Most of us have a basic understanding of the legislative process, however many legal researchers are not familiar with every aspect of a bill’s journey.

A broader knowledge of a bill’s progression through the system can prove beneficial when conducting research. To facilitate that, I encourage researchers to check out Research Bulletin 14-2, “The Legislative Process in Wisconsin,” a publication recently issued by the Legislative Reference Bureau.

The bulletin is divided into two sections and contains hyperlinks within the document to quickly connect the reader to additional resources. The first section discusses the “steps involved in the transformation of an idea into a bill draft and its subsequent journey from introduction to enactment.” It is a detailed summary written in clear, concise language. The second section is a case study following a specific bill through the process.

For folks wanting to locate some of the documents referenced within the research bulletin, check out the Wisconsin State Legislature’s new-look website. For those who want to track legislation, don’t forget its notification service.

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