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Property – landlord-tenant – eviction

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Property – landlord-tenant – eviction

APPEAL from an order of the circuit court for Dane County:  JOHN C. ALBERT, Judge.  Affirmed and cause remanded with directions.

This appeal arises out of a small claims dispute between, on one side, Lily Management, LLC, and two persons who identify themselves as Lily Management’s “administrators,” Li Zhang and Xiong Zeng, and on the other side, Devin Thomas, who formerly rented an apartment from Lily Management.  Lily Management, Zhang, and Zeng appeal the circuit court’s order of July 9, 2014, which added Zhang and Zeng as plaintiffs in this case and ordered that judgment be entered in favor of Thomas and against Lily Management, Zhang, and Zeng for damages, costs, and attorney’s fees totaling $14,500.00.  For the following reasons, I affirm.

2014AP001705 Lily Management LLC v. Devin G. Thomas


Attorneys: For Appellant: For Respondent: Mitch, .

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