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Milwaukee school settles discrimination claim

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department says Milwaukee Montessori School will pay $55,000 to settle a claim that the school discriminated against a disabled student.

The department alleged the private day school failed to accommodate and then “impermissibly disenrolled” a young child because he stumbled and fell “more frequently than his peers.”

In a statement Monday, headmistress Monica Van Aken said the school maintains it did not discriminate against the student but was concerned about the child’s safety.

Under the agreement, the school will pay $50,000 in compensatory damages to the child and his parents, and will pay a civil penalty of $5,000.

According to the school, it already has a nondiscrimination policy and does not discriminate, but decided it was in the school’s best interest to move forward and settle the claim.

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