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Hoff has clients’ interests at heart

By: Corrine Hess//September 17, 2014//

Hoff has clients’ interests at heart

By: Corrine Hess//September 17, 2014//

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Casey Hoff,  attorney,  Kirk Obear and Associates,  Sheboygan
Casey Hoff,  attorney,  Kirk Obear and Associates,  Sheboygan

Casey Hoff doesn’t run from his fears, he runs at them.

Long before his work as a lawyer required him to speak publically in front of judges and juries, Hoff decided he was going to conquer his debilitating fear of public speaking. He called a local radio station and offered to become a volunteer host.

The volunteer opportunity led to a part-time job at the station and ultimately a full-time, on-air job hosting a regular morning talk show.

About that time, Hoff started thinking about what he wanted to do with his life. His uncle is a law professor and a former public defender. His mother is a former social worker and his father volunteers with various organizations that serve the poor.

“Being a criminal defense lawyer seemed like a good choice,” said Hoff, who is an attorney at Kirk Obear and Associates, Sheboygan, “because I have the privilege of being able to work in a job where I have the opportunity to help people at their absolute lowest point and lift them up to their highest point.”

His colleague, Kirk Obear, said Hoff devotes an incredible amount of energy to each of his clients.

“He has an ability to form a close bond with a client, spending nights and weekends chasing down issues, and keeping his client calm during a stressful situation,” Obear said. “He will drop everything to nail down a complicated task as it emerges, often resulting in an outcome that could not have been obtained by someone who wasn’t willing to dive in, head first.”

Hoff, who hosts a weekly one-hour talk radio show with Obear where they discuss criminal law, said he feels that level of service is his duty, because a criminal charge can destroy a person’s life.

“I feel the pain and burden of my clients,” Hoff said. “It often keeps me up at night.

“The client is counting on me to achieve justice for him or her. The day that I no longer feel that stress or pain or burden of my client, is the day I know it’s time to hang it up and do something else.”


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