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BEV BUTULA: Find an archive of legislative videos

Interested in finding video of the U.S. Senate and House floor proceedings? You might want to check out

Metavid began in 2006 and continues to add footage to its collection. The archive can be searched by speaker name, specific words, bill and date.

There is an advanced search option that I find a bit cumbersome, but a way to locate discussions by a specific individual. From the advanced search screen, choose “Spoken By” and begin entering a name. The screen will then self-populate with matching members of Congress. If entering the first name does not provide you with the individual, try the last name.

The user can also search by category. Some categories include healthcare, energy, security, and tax cuts.

A very nice feature is the ability to set up an RSS feed once a search is conducted.

For more information, check out the overview page.

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