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Professional Responsibility — public reprimand

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — public reprimand

Where attorney Brian Campbell Fischer received a public reprimand in Minnesota, reciprocal discipline is appropriate.

“On April 10, 2014, the parties filed a stipulation whereby Attorney Fischer agrees that the facts alleged in the OLR’s complaint form a basis for the discipline requested by the OLR director, and Attorney Fischer agrees it would be appropriate for this court to impose a public reprimand. The stipulation avers that Attorney Fischer fully understands the misconduct allegations, fully understands the ramifications should this court impose the stipulated level of discipline, fully understands his right to contest the matter, and fully understands his right to consult with counsel, and that his entry into the stipulation is made knowingly and voluntarily.”

“Under SCR 22.22(3), in reciprocal discipline matters, this court shall impose the identical discipline unless one of the enumerated exceptions is shown. Attorney Fischer does not claim that any of those exceptions apply in this case.”

2014AP517-D OLR v. Brian Campbell Fischer

Per Curiam.

Attorneys for Complainant: Spoke, Julie Marie, Madison; For Respondent: Fischer, B. C., Duluth, Minn.

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