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BEV BUTULA: Give the Consumer Federation of America a study

The Consumer Federation of America is a research, advocacy, education and service association made up of more than 300 non-profit consumer organizations. Their website offers a few items that may be of interest to legal researchers.

From the News Room tab, select Studies. On this page, researchers will find a variety of consumer-related studies dating to 1998. The subject matter covers a large range of topics, including product safety, transportation, insurance, loans, and identity theft.

The Consumer Federation of America also provides an extensive collection of testimony and comments from 1999 forward. Some documents are statements of support or opposition, however many also contain statistics and data.

Researchers can browse the collection or utilize the search option. The website also includes an Issues tab so that users can view all the studies, testimonies, letters, and general consumer information relating to a particular topic in a single location.

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