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Doctor testifies in Wis. abortion law trial

Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A doctor who performs abortions for Planned Parenthood says it took her nine months to get admitting privileges at two Milwaukee hospitals.

Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Medical Services are challenging Wisconsin’s law requiring abortion providers to get admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

The law’s supporters argue the law ensures continuity of care if women must go to hospitals.

Opponents say the law is unnecessary and burdens doctors and women seeking abortions.

Dr. Susan Pfleger testified Tuesday during a federal bench trial that she performs abortions one or two days a week for Planned Parenthood. She says she began applying for admitting privileges in May 2013 and didn’t get them until January and February.

State attorneys say Pfleger contributed to the delays by not providing all the needed information at once.

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