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Municipalities — raze orders

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Municipalities — raze orders

John Lerch, pro se, appeals an order that dissolved a restraining order prohibiting the City of Green Bay from razing his property. Lerch claims the circuit court erred in multiple respects. We reject Lerch’s arguments, with one exception. We conclude the circuit court violated Lerch’s right to due process when it dissolved the restraining order, based on representations in a letter received from the City, without giving Lerch an opportunity to respond to those assertions. We therefore reverse the order dissolving the restraining order and remand this matter for a hearing to determine whether the restraining order should be dissolved. This opinion will not be published.

2013AP2033 Lerch v. City of Green Bay

Dist III, Brown County, Atkinson, J., Per Curiam

Attorneys: For Appellant: Lerch, John L., pro se; For Respondent: Decker, Kail, Green Bay; Mueller, James L., Green Bay

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