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Inmate gets 6 more years for attack

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (AP) — An inmate convicted of attacking two corrections officers as they searched his cell has been sentenced to an additional six years in prison.

Paul Nmi Golden, 56, was convicted Tuesday and given the maximum sentence as the judge cited his lack of remorse and long criminal history, The Chippewa Herald reported.

Golden has 13 convictions, including one for sexual assault from 2006. He’s being held at the Stanley Correctional Institution.

Officers Carrie Seichter and Tom Cicha were searching his cell in April 2012 after Golden was accused of stealing items from the kitchen. Prosecutors say Golden lashed out, leaving both officers with serious injuries.

Cicha, who suffered a concussion, has since returned to work. Seichter sustained a concussion and broken nose, and has undergone physical and speech therapy. She still has post-traumatic stress disorder and no longer works at the prison.

The officers asked Judge Roderick Cameron to impose the maximum six-year penalty.

Golden fired several attorneys appointed to defend him. He tried to mount a self-defense but later decided to let the trial proceed in his absence. He was convicted in short order.

When told he had a right to attend his sentencing hearing Golden again declined to attend.

Before sentencing, Seichter told the judge how she has struggled since the attack. She said she hasn’t been able to work, and only recently regained the ability to speak without difficulty.

“It’s been awful,” she said. “My career got ended. Now what?”

Cicha asked for a strict penalty out of concern for the safety of other officers, whom he said must be aware of their surroundings at all times. He said inmates need to know there are consequences for their actions.

Information from: The Chippewa Herald, http://www.chippewa.com

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