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Hearing postponed after Boyle requests to withdraw from case (UPDATE)

Milwaukee — A plea hearing is postponed for the Milwaukee man who prompted a lockdown of a children’s hospital after flashing a gun at police.

Twenty-two-year-old Ashanti Len Hendricks was scheduled to enter a plea Wednesday. But defense attorney Gerald Boyle had a family emergency and also filed a request to withdraw from the case. A hearing on that request will be April 7.

Boyle’s motion to withdraw states Hendricks and his family do not have the money to pay for Boyle’s services.

Hendricks faces charges including child abuse and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Police were tipped off in November that Hendricks had a warrant out and was at that moment at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, near Milwaukee.

Officers approached Hendricks, who dropped the 2-month-old baby he was holding and fled down a hallway. The baby suffered a skull fracture. Police shot Hendricks twice in the arm after they say he refused to drop his gun.


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