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Assembly passes former DA pay bill

The state Assembly passed a bill Tuesday intended to prevent district attorneys who leave their current jobs to take a position as an assistant district attorney from falling to the bottom of the pay scale.

Senate Bill 631 would let former DAs, if they take a job as an assistant district attorney within five years of leaving their old job, receive credit for their entire time in state service. Under current law, ex-DAs who are appointed ADAs must return to the bottom of the pay scale, regardless of their experience.

An analysis of the bill by the Office of State Employee Relations notes that the state has a system that allows the pay of ADAs to progress from a minimum to a maximum by passing through 17 steps. But employees are moved up the scale according to merit, rather than years on the job.

That system, OSER notes, makes it difficult to know what effect SB 631 will have on ADA’s pay and to estimate what the bill will cost the state.

The bill was passed by the state Senate on March 11 and will become law if passed by Gov. Scott Walker.

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