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$3 million boost for TAD programs clears Senate

The state Senate passed a bill Tuesday that allocates $3 million to pay for Treatment Alternatives and Diversion programs across the state.

The measure, AB 668, is just one of several bills that Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, put forth this session to combat heroin and drug abuse. It was passed in February by the Assembly and cleared the Senate by a voice vote. The money allocated would go toward 23 proposed TAD programs that weren’t able to be paid for with $1.5 million allocated in the current biennial budget.

It now goes to Gov. Scott Walker for his approval.

TAD programs are administered by the Office of Justice Assistance – which is a part of the Department of Justice – and the state departments of Health and Family Services and Corrections. Twelve programs were paid for by the current budget allocation.

The bill would require counties that receive a TAD grant to submit performance data to the DOJ, and for the Justice Department to evaluate a program’s report on a yearly basis. It also would require the DOJ to present a cost-benefit analysis of the TAD grant program to the Legislature every five years.

Another bill passed by the Senate on Tuesday would require the Department of Corrections to set up a formal system of quick sanctions, short of prison, for offenders who violate their parole or probation. Nygren, who has made a push to combat drug problems in state, has a daughter who struggled with heroin and nearly died of an overdose. The representative had a package of bills passed by the both houses earlier this year, including one that would give immunity from lower-level drug offenses if someone calls 911 to report an overdose.

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