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BEV BUTULA: Set your sights on Cite-Checker

Cite_CheckerWhen looking for an app to assist with checking citations, some of us have relied on the Bluebook® application available via the Rulebook suite of apps. Well, thanks to a recent post on the Nota Bene blog, I discovered an app by Wolters Kluwer that may be of interest.

The simple app, called Cite-Checker, is designed as a teaching tool, but can also be used by practitioners when looking to answer very basic citation questions. It provides “plain English explanations of Bluebook rules and clear examples illustrating those rules.”

Topics covered include federal and state cases, federal and state statutes, and various secondary resources. Punctuation, pinpoints, quotations and the use of ellipses are also discussed. And, if you miss the academic world, there is also a quiz to test your knowledge.

The app is $2.99 and is available in both Android and iOS.

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