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COURT GESTURES BLOG: What’s in a name?

A Madison man wants a federal judge to fire a judge and pay him $1 million to compensate him for a denied name change petition.

Walter Moss-Bey – who is currently on community supervision for theft convictions in Dane and Dodge counties, filed the suit in front of Western District of Wisconsin Chief Judge William Conley on Friday, the same day Dane County Circuit Judge Rhonda Lanford’s decided to deny his name change petition.

“Every human being has a right to a free national name,” Moss-Bey wrote in his petition. “You are who your forefather were, present an future.”

Lanford was elected in April and mostly handles felony cases. Moss-Bey is asking Conley to award him $1 million.

Plus, the suit states, “she can find a new job. Violation of due process she need to be deport.”

Hell hath no fury like a man who had a petition for a name change denied, I guess.

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