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Lawmakers to consider police death bill

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A legislative committee is expected to take public comments on a bill that would revamp police protocols for handling officer-involved deaths.

The bipartisan bill would require three investigators, including two from an agency that wasn’t involved in the death, to prepare a report on the incident.

The attorney general would appoint a board that would review the report and submit recommendations to prosecutors. The board would include a retired or reserve judge; a former sheriff, police chief, chief deputy sheriff or chief deputy police chief; an assistant attorney general; a Wisconsin professor with experience in criminal law; and a former district attorney or assistant district attorney.

The Assembly’s criminal justice committee is set to hold a public hearing on the measure Thursday.

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  1. The only chief, sheriff, D.A. or police union leader who has a problem with independent oversight and sobriety tests are those who won’t bet his or her job on their departments’ honesty or sobriety, but they expect us to bet our lives on it. For 125 years, when talking about investigations of police-caused deaths, the compromises have been made by civilians, only. There is nothing left to compromise unless they’re wanting to compromise the definitions of objective, truth, justice, bias, fairness, sobriety… I find this unacceptable. How about you? http://www.change.org/petitions/protect-wisconsin-families-and-honest-police-support-fair-investigations

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