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BEV BUTULA: Site offers employment stats for the disabled

“Can you find statistics on … ?”thumb_bluebook

I hear this request a lot. Statistics can play a powerful role in research. That is why I often blog about statistical websites. Today’s featured website is the Institute for Community Inclusion’s StateData.info. StateData.info is an online resource dedicated to sharing data on the employment of individuals with disabilities.

The site offers a variety of information. Its publication page provides links to reports and commentary focusing on employment of people with disabilities. For example, researchers can read the 2012 National Report on Employment Services and Outcomes, which “provides statistics over a 20-year period from several national datasets that address the status of employment and economic self-sufficiency for individuals” with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Researchers can also create customized graphs based on specific data sources. StateData.info clearly identifies the various agencies or surveys used to compile the data.

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