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Professional Responsibility — public reprimand

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — public reprimand

Where attorney Robert Paul D’Arruda failed to communicate with a client, and failed to provide an accounting of fees, a public reprimand is appropriate.

“The referee recommends this court impose a public reprimand.  The referee acknowledges that Attorney D’Arruda previously received a private reprimand, but noted the misconduct in this case occurred at a time when Attorney D’Arruda faced multiple outside pressures including dissolution of his small law firm, divorce, financial pressures, and an excessive caseload.  The referee explicitly noted that ‘[f]rom the testimony, these pressures and distractions are behind him.’ The referee noted that character witnesses described Attorney D’Arruda as a highly experienced criminal lawyer who is ‘competent, dignified and respected.’ The referee was mindful that ‘[a] suspension at this time and the resulting closure of his sole practitioner office for several months could be devastating to his law practice.’ We agree.”

2012AP2338-D OLR v. D’Arruda


Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant: Hendrix, Jonathan E., Madison; For Respondent: Torphy, Michael F., Brookfield; D’Arruda, Robert, Milwaukee

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