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BEV BUTULA: New database covers health, human rights

The Global Health and Human Rights database, which launched in October, is a free online resource that provides case law, constitutions and international instruments from around the world. The obvious focus is health and human rights.

Researchers are offered several approaches to query the case law database. An interactive world map is available where users can select a country and retrieve a list of judgments specific to that country. Another search option allows users to browse by region, topic or governing body. The third option is a general keyword search.

Once a search is executed and the results appear, the researcher can select a case to obtain additional details. It appears that data is still being added. For example, my first search produced a hit with no supplemental information. However, my second search resulted in a record with extensive discussion. That example can be found HERE.

The website also provides a National Constitutions Database and a link to more than 100 international and regional instruments. These instruments include such things as International Health Regulations and the Madrid Declaration on Ethical Standards for Psychiatric Practice.

Hat tip to Gary Price over at INFOdocket.

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