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2013 Alternative Dispute Resolution

2013-ADR-CoverMediation overhaul

An overhaul of Milwaukee County’s family court mediation program resulted in a 205 percent spike in cases handled outside the court room.

COMMENTARY: Don’t wait for trouble to seek ADR

Parties just going into business together may believe everything is going to work out swell, but litigators know better.

20,000 and growing: Integrative law movement favors healing approach

More than 20,000 legal practitioners worldwide have abandoned their adversarial, win-at-all-costs approach in favor of a more holistic method.

Emerging practice of neuro-law faces skepticism

A teenager accused of murder might get life in prison, while an adult who has a brain tumor and is charged with the same crime could get a pass.

Commentary: Fools rush in to mediation

Recently a woman, despite her basic fears, called me to discuss divorce mediation.

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